So, dear diary, I am not believing that i shall fulfill him

So, dear diary, I am not believing that i shall fulfill him

Maybe subsequently, i will permit him from the hook which he seems to be dangling from. I am not a person to feel a spoilsport a€“ but yes, i could end up being a little bit of a tease easily has a mind becoming. Within two of us, we instead believe that it is we who’s doing offers.

An extra bite within cherry?

Well, the quite dishy guy exactly who we accused to be phony has messaged me personally once more. You will find decided to connect to your but just be cautious a€“ when I constantly was. I mean, absolutely nothing ventured nothing gained right? Whenever the guy does come to be artificial, could merely harmed me personally basically fall for they. That, precious journal, is certainly not something i’ll allow occur once again.

Oh, and Captain Lindegaard is back on Facebook. Albeit he has got discussed that he’s maintaining his profile personal. I really don’t pin the blame on your. There was a gang of males misappropriating his identification along with his imagery. It incenses me personally that myspace, where in fact the almost all the artificial users tend to be a€“ do nothing to tackle this issue.

I’m in addition getting just a little tired of some of the more chronic messages that I receive on my Facebook web page. What i’m saying is, honestly, all benefits towards the cause can be applauded a€“ but kindly, cannot provide myself a hard time about who I am a€“ whoever really wants to understand whom i’m can search me out by following hyperlinks to my personal web sites or my personal blog!

That dear diary, is I have to say for now …. as my hands and feet include cooler and I need to go turn the heating system concerning!

” data-large-file=”” src=”” alt=”” width=”202″ height=”201″ srcset=” 202w, 404w, 150w, 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 202px) 100vw, 202px” /> Image of Captain Thomas Lindegaard.

As ever, graphics of head Thomas Lindegaard utilized together with his sorts authorization. Copyright stays with him and they should not be useful for any cause without their direct consent.

If you find yourself reached on any webpages from a profile making use of imagery of your guy (head Thomas Lindegaard), please remember that there is a Tsunami of fake profiles around utilizing his images.


Well, dear diary, We have literally destroyed days gone by 2 days. Newcastle on Thursday didn’t occur which had been a massive frustration when I was basically anticipating it. Rather, my personal gf and I lead down into area for several drinks. My personal protestations that I becamen’t gonna have way too much went out the window; one drink of the gorgeousness that’s free music singles dating site the Margarita cocktail at Macy’s was sufficient to tip me over into a€“ really, I’m not rather yes just what but I have no idea precisely why we hammered they much that evening.

The night ended up being nice adequate, because usually has been my good friend a€“ we had just a bit of a deep and important (approximately it is possible to whenever fuelled by liquor) about something that is happening in our lives, and then it absolutely was to residence a€“ after Cheesy Chips from not-so-dodgy-kebab-shop nearby.

Really that, my dear diary, was actually a big error. I will not gross your down using facts, but suffice to state I found myself regretting the decision to bring quite countless cocktails for two days

Yes, your study that correct a€“ a couple TOTAL ERA lost for the queasiness and hungoverness that has been myself for the next 48 hours. I experienced to kiss so long to my personal java go out in a nearby area and I essentially invested the next two days recovering between the sheets.

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