Due to the fact Syr, but not, their dating are different

Due to the fact Syr, but not, their dating are different

Because of Freya’s first habit of always looking at him, Bell create an odd capacity to sense man’s stares. To have their part, Bell never reached really know the lady while the a great Goddess owed into the not many interactions they’d, regardless if he had been confused from the her noticeable demand for your.

From the time their basic communication, she’s got generated dinner to possess him almost every go out and you may Bell gratefully allows him or her. Immediately after Bell defeat good Silverback, she confessed to help you him one to she fell so in love with your once witnessing instance accomplishment, no matter if Bell presumed she was only flirting your.

A while later, they proceeded having good family relations. She continued to help with him plus inspired your immediately following the guy gained Orario’s resentment inside Xenos event. Even with being conscious of her always toying which have your, Bell nevertheless holds their as the a dear friend and you may alarmed to own the lady. Though she grabbed virtue and you will used your to relieve certain out-of this lady functions Bell didn’t proper care, accepting he thought with debt with her.

From the Deity Festival, in the event pushed of the Freya Familia to just accept the girl invite to a night out together, he and approved they just like the he desired to create the lady pleased as a way to pay-off her lingering assistance. However, their love for her wasn’t a great deal more than simply that an excellent dear buddy, in the course of time rejecting the girl whenever she admitted in order to your.


Mord Latro [ ]

Bell earliest came across Mord in the event that drunken adventurer offered him to signup their team in exchange for revealing Lili, Syr, and you may Ryuu that have your. Later on, of irritation and you will anger, Mord kidnapped Hestia and pressed Bell on an effective duel, and then he began to beat up the son. Despite this, Bell cannot hold a good grudge against Mord. Inside Black Goliath’s physical appearance into the 18th flooring, Bell rescued your away from a monster.

That have Mord gaining a sense of regard to possess Bell and you can publicly help him, the 2 today appear to hold a friendly relation. Sometime adopting the Battle Video game, Bell recognized Mord’s invite so you’re able to a gambling establishment and turned to help you him to have assist to services Syr and you may Ryuu. Immediately after Freya charmed the entire area, Bell are delighted as he discovered Mord and you will is actually astonished of the his abrupt fear of your.

Aisha Belka [ ]

Bell earliest found Aisha on the Amusement Region immediately following bringing shed selecting Mikoto. He found her extremely attractive, but is actually unnerved when she displayed interest in him. Immediately following learning which he was, Aisha’s attention grew stronger. She try one of the many prostitutes to help you chase shortly after your about section.

After Bell fulfilled Haruhime and you will read about Ishtar’s patch to help you sacrifice the woman, Aisha intervened. Whenever expected if the he’d attempt to cut Haruhime, Bell are unable to answer, dreading retaliation about Ishtar Familia, and you may is profoundly influenced when she mocked your for his indecision.

Once Bell and Mikoto solved to store Haruhime and lost the brand new Destroying Stone very important to the fresh new compromise, the guy once again faced Aisha. He said his eliminate to save the lady, far so you’re able to Aisha’s acceptance. Bell let Haruhime’s peak raise secret wear down in advance of the duel, successful that have a time-empty Firebolt.

After ward, Bell guaranteed Aisha that he manage protect Haruhime therefore the several currently have a friendly matchmaking. Bell retains faith in her own electricity and you may experience with the fresh new cell, with no objections when this lady has traveled with him. Yet not, the guy nevertheless will get flustered as much as the girl on account of this lady raw intercourse interest, especially assuming she expresses her wish to bed which have him.

Miach [ ]

Bell understands Miach since the they both was basically off mud-poor familias, because of this he or she is friendly with one another. Miach manage sometimes promote your potions for free, and you will Bell often goes to get potions out-of their shop. Even with Miach’s follower is caught tricking him from money, Bell kept zero unwell tend to towards the him. Whenever Bell questioned him about matchmaking between mortals and Gods, Miach replied that he shouldn’t be afraid of good God’s love, and therefore aided Bell patch anything up with Hestia.

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