Baseball And Ladies: 9 Crush-Worthy Queer Feamales In The WNBA

Baseball And Ladies: 9 Crush-Worthy Queer Feamales In The WNBA

5. Stefanie Dolson, Arizona Mystics

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a post shared by Stefanie Dolson (bigmamastef) on Jun 30, 2017 at 11:02am PDT

In springtime 2016, Stefanie Dolson arrived on the scene as a member of the LGBTQ people in an interview with ESPN and said, Not everyone in the WNBA should be , but personally i think labeled as to guide a traditional lives on view. I understand exactly who i’m and I also dont care if individuals assess me. Shes described by herself as an individual who was into styles, enjoyable, and flare, frequently passing away the girl hair various styles and tinkering with different styles. Their life motto is actually: If theyre browsing look, they may at the same time stare at one thing enjoyable. Dolson is the ideal pro to crush on if youre into someone whos amusing, lighthearted, and open-minded and doesnt really care how many other individuals thought.

6. Seimone Augustus, Minnesota Lynx

an article discussed by Seimone Augustus (moneymone33) on Dec 28, 2015 at 10:11am PST

In 2015, Seimone Augustus composed a profoundly private and candid article for all the Players Tribune known as It is really Ordered. When you look at the section, she discusses growing upwards as a gay kid during the south, developing to this lady moms and dads, and just how she wondered if shed ever be able to get hitched someday. She also talked about simply how much it meant to the girl to truly have partnered to your passion for her lives. Augustus met her now-wife in Minneapolis after are drawn up because of the Minnesota Lynx in 2006. They are collectively from the time and happened to be legitimately hitched in Hawaii 8 weeks before gay marriage became what the law states of this area. Augustus could be the definition of dedication. Shes already been with similar WNBA employees over the past 11 decades, along with the exact same girl. That type of devotion can make ones cardio flutter, particularly if youre an individual who dreams of deciding all the way down when it comes to longterm.

7. Layshia Clarendon, Atlanta Fancy

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a post provided by Layshia Clarendon (layshiac) on Jul 31, 2017 at 3:11pm PDT

Layshia Clarendon wants to talk their brain. Shes famous round the league as a vocal leader regarding court your Atlanta desired and an LGBTQ activist off of the legal. Clarendon represent by herself as black, biracial, homosexual, feminine, genderqueer, and Christian. And also in 2015, she ended up being named Outsports women character of the season due to her courageous activism and readiness to speak aside and freely about LGBTQ rights. If catching a megaphone and attending rallies is your thing, you can expect Clarendon to-be there correct alongside your in most of her genderqueer glory.

8. Angel McCoughtry, Atlanta Dream

an article shared by Angel Mccoughtry (mccoughtry) on Jul 15, 2017 at 3:14pm PDT

For somebody that is a natural-born dreamer, it seems suitable that Angel McCoughtry plays for all the Atlanta fantasy. After recognizing she got functioning by herself along with her system way too hard, McCoughtry produced some huge lives changes. She arrived on Instagram, and begun doing pilates and relaxing the woman mind. She in addition began having happiness inside the little things in life, like sunsets, warm summer afternoon cookouts, and silent treks into the park. This year, McCoughtry made a decision to grab a break from baseball to rest the girl human anatomy and start an ice cream parlor in Atlanta rather. She phone calls it her Chula Vista dating happy destination. do not worry, McCoughtry are back regarding the legal again next period. For the time being, you are able to sidle around a table and purchase a cone of winner Chip frozen dessert while fantasizing of longer treks into the playground with this lesbian Angel.

9. Candice Dupree, Indiana Temperature & DeWanna Bonner, Phoenix Mercury

a blog post contributed by Candice Dupree (dupree.candice) on Aug 2, 2017 at 10:55am PDT

Its so hard not to break about this adorable WNBA couple. Candice Dupree and DeWanna Bonner aren’t just married, however they both played on the same WNBA teamthe Phoenix Mercuryfor seven conditions. Sharing the basketball court together with your relative takes some significant teamwork, and they two was able to figure it. They not too long ago welcomed twin girl to their household! Bonner grabbed this coming year off to experience the kiddos and it also looks like Dupree could have to trade-in their basketball for baby bottles, because caring for twins isn’t any joke. (i ought to knowIm a twin.)

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